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I love all things Doctor Who, Star Wars, Marvel, also, Rockabilly. I'm a man of little words, and a face of many expressions. My life has definitely influenced my blog. If you want to know more just ask….

This could’ve been a good selfie but my sister ruined it #done #bye


This could’ve been a good selfie but my sister ruined it #done #bye

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I need a small favor from people that live in the US I’d really appreciate it! The more people that are down to help the better.

it takes just a minute or less! message me please

if I get at least 7 more people by tonight at least i’d be so happy!

im trying to get as many people as I can so lmk if you’re willing to help ^_^

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The last gif is so much fuckin truth

damn he went hard

He just told a little truth. For a few minutes. That’s all. In our culture of constant delusion and hypnosis, this is remarkable. But it shouldn’t be. It should and could be the norm.

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So I was taking pictures for my blog today and I came across one of my favourite dresses in my wardrobe. I did a blog post on it in September 2013, which is the one on the left, and it was the first picture of myself that had gotten over 1k notes on tumblr. Its been a year since I took it so I decided to quickly try and recreate it, which is the pic of the right. Tbh I cannot believe the difference a year has made! I’m much better at hair, makeup, posing, but I am also such a different person. On the left I had just started college and would go onto to have my first heartbreak, to lose people who I thought were my true friends, and to deal with a hell of a lot more than I have ever before. However I also made more awesome friends, learned more about myself, becoming more confident and stronger, learned to truly stand on my own too feet, modelled for various people, been in a fricking magazine, and so much more! It’s been a year of ups-and-downs but I am so happy with the person I am now, and even though it was hard I wouldn’t change a single thing. xo